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Основная информация
Тип деятельности: Производитель, Торговая компания
Продукт/Услуга: ПВХ пенопластовая доска, баннер, стикер, рулон дисплея, всплывающий дисплей
Местонахождение: Guangdong, China
Год создания: 2005
Кол-во сотрудников: 11 - 50 чел.
Итого выручка (за прошлый год): confidential
Основные рынки: Северная Америка,Северная Европа,Западная Европа,Местный рынок,Восточная Европа
Сертификаты: Chinese painting company 100 strong
Среднее время выполнения заказа: 7 дней
Профиль компании

Shenzhen Shengcai Advertising Co., Ltd. an enterprise specialized in digital printing, Banner printing, outdoor & indoor banner printing and large size banner printing. The products include roll up banner stands, X banner stands, pop up banners, and L banner stands. We offer digital printing services, like canvas printing, cotton canvas printing, bisonyl printing, PVC printing, poster printing, vehicle sticker printing, textile printing, poly printing, vehicle sticker printing, advertising board printing, flag banner printing, promotion counter printing, billboard printing, light box film printing, show case printing, hang-up banner printing, hitch banner printing, vinyl printing, and POP up stand printing. Shenzhen Shengcai Advertising Co., Ltd. is a large-scale corporation, which was founded in 1997. We possess the most advanced inside and outdoor pictorial and digital printing equipment, as well as complete assist production equipment and later period process equipment. We own several advanced digital printing production lines and an excellent technology project team. Our digital printing pictorial machines include 15 Roland machines, 6 American hp machines, 5 Japanese jv33 machines and 5 precision machines. We own a display equipment production factory, and also can order various display equipment for clients. At present, our products are mainly for export. Various pictures and display equipment are sold to lots of countries and regions, such as Japan, England, Germany, America, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan area and so on. We have provided for a lot of well-known brands, for example, coca-cola, Pepsi cola, Microsoft, SAMSUNG, NVIDIA, SKINS, CYBEX, Wyeth, Better Life, Lenovo, ZTE, Xieruilin and so on. Over fifty percent of our employees graduated from college, and have abundant experience in this industry. Production technicians must accept training before working and are not allowed to work until they pass the examination. The technological processes are managed strictly according to ISO international quality standard, and our factory is under the 5S management.

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Возможности компании

Товарооборот Северная Америка : 51.00% Северная Европа : 15.00% Больше товаров
Производство Размер завода : Ниже 1,000 кв. метров Производственных линий : 5 Больше товаров
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