Итальянского производства 3 дюймовый ящик для яиц матрас из пены с эффектом памяти фигурки жениха и невесты; полиуретан

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MiaSuite i sogni italiani
Гипоаллергенные, Кабриотел, Эргономичный и прилегает к форме вашего тела
Общее использование:
Мебель для дома
Почтовый упаковка:
Из пены с эффектом памяти
Мебель для спальной


Product Details
memory foam
Brand Name
MiaSuite i sogni italiani

The multilayer mattress Top Air Relaxa has a total height of 25 cm and it is made of 4 layers: one 4 cm high Memory Foam layer, one 7 cm high H3 Water Foam layer, one 7 cm high H2 Water Foam layer and one 6 cm high Relaxa Gel layer, covered with a fabric treated with Aloe Vera.
The Top Air Relaxa model has a medium firmness H2 and can offer an ideal support to your body's pressures and movements and ensure a relaxing sleep.
The Memory Foam layer is ergonomic and adheres to the shape of your body, ensuring a comfortable support and a better sleep.
The H2 Water Foam layer is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, ergonomic and resistant; it is especially suitable for people allergic to dust and mites.
The H3 Water Foam gives stiffness to the mattress, and then it is suitable for overweight people.
The layer with the Relaxa Gel is temperature-regulating and enables the air circulation, preventing mould formation. The Top Air Relaxa model offers an ideal support to your body's pressures and movements.
The cover has got "The 3Space" breathable belt and the 4 handles which allow an easy transport.
It is labeled as Medical Device and it has the following characteristics: it is orthopedic, anti-decubitus, hypoallergenic and anti-mite.
The product will be shipped for sanitary and convenience reasons as a rolled up vacuum-packed packaging. Once the packaging has been removed, the mattress needs 48 hours ventilation to completely recover its original shape and firmness.

- Memory Foam Layer 4 cm
- Relaxa Gel Layer 6 cm
- H3 Water Foam Layer 7 cm
- H2 Water Foam Layer 7 cm
- Mattress total height 25 cm
- Aloe Vera hypoallergenic, anti-mite PES cover
- 4 Handles for an easy transport
- 15 Year Warranty

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1.What are the difference between polyurethane (WaterFoam) and memory foam?
Memory foam derives from polyurethane (waterfoam) and some other substances which intensify its viscosity and density. Memory is thermo-sensitive: it gets harder as it gets colder and it gets softer as it gets hotter. Toughness is influenced by temperature.


2. Can I customize the mattresses? 

Yes, you Can! You can ask for custom-sized mattresses. You can also ask to customize the raw materials or, in case of large order, add your own logo.

3. How are the mattresses shipped? 

The mattresses are shipped rolled in a vacuum pack: this is practical, hygienic and eco-sustainable. Our packaging keeps bed bugs and bacterium away and save CO2 emission during transportation.

4. How should I open the vacuum-sealed package? 

We suggest to cut the wrapping on one side and remove the whole packaging. Then let the product in the fresh air for 8 hours minimum.

5. Can I use the mattress just after the vacuum-sealed packaging has been removed? 

Once the packaging has been removed, the mattress needs at least 8 hours ventilation. Then it will recover its original dimensions and after that it can be used. If it does not recover its dimensions in 8 hours, it will be necessary to let it in the fresh air for 48 hours.

6. Are raw materials certified? 

Yes, they are! MiaSuite works hard to guarantee high levels of quality compliance, indeed all our products are assembled with Oeko Tex certified materials. Our mattresses also have the product compliance label CE. The CE label regulates from the moment of the market placement the entire life cycle of the product. Such label proves compliance in accordance with the UE regulation (93/42/CEE) for the Medical Devices.

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