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Резервуар для воды 4x2 10 м3 20 м3, масляные водоводы без шасси

$6,800.00 / шт. | 1 шт. (Мин. заказ)
Объем бака:
10000 литров
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Видео техническую поддержку, Он-лайн Поддержка
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Шоу-рум расположение:
Рулевое колесо:
Дизельное топливо
Тип коробки передач:
Руководство по эксплуатации
Площадь опрыскивания (м):
> 16 м
Стандарт выбросов:
Евро 2
Мощность двигателя:
4 - 6Л
Размеры (L x W x H) (mm):
Происхождение товара:
Hubei, China
Полная Масса Автомобиля:
1 год
Послепродажное обслуживание:
Видео техническую поддержку, Он-лайн Поддержка
Product name:
cut dwon dust truck
Truck type:
Mist sprayer watering truck for cut down dust
Driving Type:
water sprinking truck
tank truck volvume:
Manual Transmission
Chassis Brand:
Dongfeng Foton Forland Howo Faw

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650X250X335 см
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9620.000 кг
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Product Description
4x2 10m3 20m3 water tank ,oil ponds without chassis
carbon steel
polished tanker
water tanker truck suppression truck vehicle, also known as fog gun vehicle, multi-function spray dust suppression vehicle, remote fog gun vehicle,smog artifact vehicle, super sprinkler truck, etc., is a kind of spraying spray into the air through a high pressure pump to adsorb Compared with conventional dust-reduction equipment, the new-type special-purpose automobile that effectively controls the severely polluted environment such as dust and haze with various kinds of dust particles has better maneuverability, higher efficiency, wider application range and more efficient work high. The spray device of the fog cannon series products produced by our factory is a patented product, with high pressure and fine water mist for dust reduction, high efficiency, energy saving and water saving. 360-degree super-power air supply, atomization and dust reduction, with independent power supply, spray radius of 10m-500m. It can improve air quality and is used to reduce PM10 and PM2.5, known as the PM2.5 governance artifact. At the same time, it can also improve the dust pollution caused by the accumulation of industrial and mining materials, construction and blasting demolition, and can also be used for urban air treatment. The remote spraying system of fog cannon truck and dust suppression truck can spray dust in squares and docks to adjust air humidity; it can also reduce dust and temperature in mining areas, demolition sites, coal yards, steel plants, etc. This product has played a significant role in coal, power generation, smelting, coal chemical, mining mining, demolition construction, highway and other industries, and is especially suitable for large-scale, open-air mining or storage bases for dust reduction and dust suppression needs.

45 disinfection vehicles exported to UAE
Our 45 disinfection vehicles took only 8 days to complete the production and delivery
These 45 sterilization vehicles are used to sterilize the entire UAE country and protect the UAE nationals
China's major contribution in disinfection and epidemic prevention
We are willing to provide a variety of disinfection vehicles for the world to protect the safety of all mankind
Our company hopes that our equipment can provide help to various countries and help everyone fight against disinfection

chassis brand 
CLW 10m3 water tanker ponds 
ponds mateial  
carbon steel 
stainless steel 
water ponds volume 
10000Liters to 25000Liters
ponds thickness
suit place 
city,construction plant
ASME GCC, ISO9001:2001,CCC
remote control
Tank specification
Tank capacity
Tank material
Q235 carbon steel
With water pump,1 pcs compartments,sprinkler pipe, ladder, 
hose ,gun, cannon ,working platform
Performance description
Vertical Suction ≧ 7 meters
sprinkler width ≧ 14-16 meters
Watering a range of ≧ 28-30 meters
Suction the water time <5min
Pump flow of 90m3 / h
Pediment (spray), then sprinkle with side spray (shower), 
with rear work platform, platform installation green sprinkler artillery
(gun adjustable spray shapes: straight, heavy rain, 
moderate rain, drizzle, mist, can be continuously adjustable, 
360 ° rotation),
the interface with the fire, gravity valve, strainer, 
with self-absorption self-row functions.
Detailed Images
details parts showing of the water ponds
sprayer machine 
Model: KM-50
Fans power:7.5kw
water pump type : single pump
water pump flow meter:3.5m3/h
up and down spraying angle :-10 to 55
left and right sprawing angle:0 to 360
power votage:380V 50HZ
spraying mouth quantity:25units
electric cannon 

this one suit install at the front of the truck , remote control type
front sprayer 
duck type
front sprinkler 
arm type
working platform 
rear sprayer 
left and right all have one 
tool box 
tool box install at back of the tanker 
working platform 
material use hihg quality carbon steel 
working picture showing 
Our dust suppression truck can be used as a disinfection truck, spray truck, sprinkler truck, construction site dust truck
45units disnfectant truck transferd by air 
Our 45 disinfection vehicles took only 8 days to complete the production and delivery
These 45 sterilization vehicles are used to sterilize the entire UAE country and protect the UAE nationals
so we choose air shipment for our client
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We have largest factory plant in china 
We had exported our products to more than 200 countries already . weclome you come to china and visit our factory any time . 
Contact Ms xi chen 
Email: chinatrucks
Skype: chen.xi888
Company Introduction
ChengLi special automobile co.,LTD is the leading manufacturer and exporter of special purpose vehicle industry in China.The
factory is located in SuiZhou City, Hubei Province.the center of china.Its distance to Wuhan is 186 kilometers and the traffic is
very convenient.The factory covers 60000 m2 ground including 56000 m2 building area with 260 set advanced equipment such as
CNC,Roug& Accurate process,Plasma Cutting Machine,Motorman Welding Machine,High precise Gear Machine,and so on.

Our Services & Strength

Our Services
1. After-sale Service
1. One year warrantyAny small question will be solved at the most prompt time. We also offer relative technical support. Our
spare parts will be available at any time after your order.
2. Company Information




parts of our products we got ADR AND ASME CERTIFICATE
Our company use advantage production line , and metal paint for our client
hot sales similar trucks 
Our disinfectant truck has many different shape , here showed som,please you check
1.How about quality of your factory quality ?
A:All our trucks 100% new .All our trucks got ISO 9001:2008 and CCC and B&V certificate ,and many truck passed SGS inspection .All
our chassis and spare parts are from the original manufacturers with original part number and and anti-fake label, all our
suppliers have passed the SGS,BV, and CONTECNA qualification certification, the quality is 100% guaranteed.
2. How may years of your company's service, especially after-sale service?
A: Chengli special automobile Co.,Ltd has been in this field for nearly 15 years and has strong production and distribution
capability,we can produce your products in 15 working days.We offer 1 year service after -sale
4x2 dongfeng left hand drive Mobile multifunctional disinfection spray spreader truck hot sales
Contact Ms xichen
Email: chinatrucks
Skype: chen.xi888

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