Alco grad Breathalyzer Tester for Breath Alcohol Measurement Test

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Quebec, Canada
Alco Prevention Canada
AlcoGrad Alcohol Tester
26 years
Customization possible:
Wraparoun'd, box, single or double
Self test
0.0% 0.02% 0.05% 0.08%
Возможности поставки
Возможности поставки:
100000 Unit/Units per Month
Упаковка и доставка
Подробности об упаковке
Шт в коробке дисплея-30-(размер коробки дисплея-11x11x13 см)
Отображается на одном уровне Палитра-70
Уровни на Палитра-10
Шт. на Палитра-21000
Вес ПК-11 г
Вес коробки дисплея-33 гр
Вес Палитра-250 кг
Если вы заказываете 1000 единиц
80 см X 60 см X 60 n
12 кг
Product Description


The Alcograd lets you know if you exceed the legal limit allowed for driving a vehicle!

A different colour for each alcohol level!
It indicates you clearly if you are at 0.00,0.02,0.05 or 0.08!
Alcohol Test is manufactured exclusively by us .This is 4 in 1 test, as it tests 4 different levels of alcohol in breath: 0,00 %, 0,02% 0,05% 0,08%

The Alcograd is TUV certified and is approved by MADD Canada.
This inexpensive breathalyzer can be used to both individuals and companies wishing to ensure that their employees and guests return home safely. It can be used on various occasions and corporate events such as office parties, golf tournaments, 5-7, cocktails, etc.
» Effective
» Easy to interpret: a different colour for each alcohol level
» Economical
» Provides a peace of mind
» No calibration needed
» Can save lives and prevent accidents
» Small and discreet, it fits easily in a shirt pocket or handbag.

Newest technically advanced single use alcohol breathalyser on market today, the Alcotest disposable breathalyser is probably the easiest and most simple to use, cost effective unit available today. 


Our Test and Drive Alcotest is compact, similar size to cigarette , and can easily be carried in your pocket. Designed to the highest standards, the Test and Drive Alcotest accurately alerts across more than one level of intoxication. 

» Dimensions: 10 cm long x 1 cm in diameter (diameter of a pencil)
» Weight: 6.0 grams
» Accuracy: only ± 2% margin of error
» The result appears in 2 minutes
» Required time after last alcohol intake: wait 20 minutes after the last drink
» Required time after smoking: wait 5 minutes after the last cigarette
» Shelf life: printed on the packaging (about 18 months)

» Easy to use: after pressing both ends to pierce aluminum, simply blow into the tube and wait for 2 to 4 minutes to interpret the result.

Important Characteristics and Advantages Of The Tester


  • The tester allows consumers to perform a confidential test.
  • The tester is small and discreet; It only measures 7 cm and its diameter is about the same as a pencil, so it can slides easily in a shirt pocket or a purse.
  • The tester is easy to use.
  • The tester gives a result in only 2 minutes.


For promotional market. 

  • For wine and liquor industry. Nice added value.
  • Complementary product.
  • Nice corporate image.
  • Ethical and responsible.






Test & Drive – How to Use






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1. Do the disposable breathalyzers meet all applicable standards?


Our breathalyzers meet all applicable European standards, including the newest French standard NF (NF X20-702). TUV German


2. What concentration of alcohol are the disposable alcohol testers able to detect?


Our disposable breathalyzers are very sensitive – they detect 0.001 percent of alcohol in exhaled air.


3. Can the disposable alcohol testers be adjusted to detect concentrations specified by the regulations which are binding in a given country?


Our disposable breathalyzers may be adjusted to detect alcohol concentration in exhaled air depending on the legal norms binding in a given country, e.g. from 0.03, 0.05 or 0.08 percent.


4. How long does a disposable breathalyzer test take?


Performing an alcohol test using the disposable breathalyzer takes just 10 second, and you wait only 2 minutes for a result.



What is more, Alcohol Test is an ideal promotional gift, which can be added extra to many various products within the framework of promotion campaigns. Our product has been already used in promotion of various alcohol drinks, car spare parts, newspapers and magazines.


It can be also given away for free as a part anti-alcohol campaigns organized by governments. 

Unquestionable advantage of our product is the possibility of purchasing it in customized, individually designed packages, which may contain any logo, information, and graphics.






Alcohol breathalyzer, Alcograd is designed for precise and rapid measurement of the amount of alcohol in exhaled air. A small expense, which provides 100% assurance, and is always within reach.


• Professional disposable alcotest for every driver – supplementation of first aid kit.
• It can be used effectively by public institutions such as the police, fire department, military, health care, etc.
• Support sales in fast-moving consumer goods, including: alcohol department. Attach the breathalyzer to each bottle, presenting innovative marketing.
• Well located at bars or clubs, reminds people that they cannot get behind the wheel.
• Also excellent for all employers who want to make sure that their employees are safe and they are not a threat to anyone or anything.
• Great for corporate events, for which there is no lack of alcoholic drinks. This ensures that participants will be able to check their sobriety before returning home.
• Gas stations – Suitable and easy access to disposable breathalyzer for vehicle users.
• The perfect tool for all social campaigns to increase road safety and promote sobriety in the workplace.
• Ordering alcotest with your logo, name and individual project, will help promote your company, and is a very practical gift for your customers.


After Sales Service


If you have a question, we can propose you our after-sale service. We will answer you quickly and we will  find a solution to help you for the best.

Why Choose Us ?



Company Information


ALCO PREVENTION CANADA specializes in the distribution, to individuals and companies, of instruments that measure blood alcohol content (breathalyser, breath alcohol tester). These accurate and reliable devices will indicate if a user's blood alcohol level is above the legal limit for driving a vehicle and can help prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol.

We provide alcohol measurement instruments intended for restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, golf clubs and all other institutions where alcoholic beverages are served. These public multiple-usage electronic breathalyzers, called EBAs, can also be rented and used for any corporative or personal events such as:

  • Events linked to work (Christmas party and others)
  • Office celebrations (Christmas and others)
  • Golf tournaments
  • Special reunions (employee’s departure)
  • Wine and cheese tasting
  • Galas
  • Banquets
  • Weddings
  • Any other event where alcohol beverages are served
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