bottle into carton box,soap packaging into carton box,carton box packaging machine

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Еда и напитки фабрики, Для домашнего использования, Розничная продажа, Продовольственный магазин, Еда и напитки Магазины
После гарантийного обслуживания:
Видео техническую поддержку, Он-лайн Поддержка, Запасные части, Полевое техническое обслуживание и ремонт
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Канада, Турция, Соединенного Королевства, Соединенные Штаты, Италия, Франция, Германия, Вьетнам, Филиппины, Перу, Саудовская Аравия, Индонезия, Пакистан, Индии, Мексика, Россия, Испания, Таиланд, Япония, Малайзия, Австралия, Марокко, Южная Корея, Шри-Ланка, Румыния, Южная Африка
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Для одежды, Напитки, Химические вещества, Товар, Еда, Машины и оборудование, Медицинский
Тип упаковки:
Упаковочный материал:
Автоматическая градуировка:
Тип привода:
220V 380V
Происхождение товара:
Shanghai, China
1000 кг
Размер (L*W*H):
1600*1050*1500 мм
Послепродажное обслуживание:
Полевое техническое обслуживание и ремонт
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Инженеры, доступные для обслуживания машин за рубежом
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Возможности поставки
Возможности поставки:
10 Set/Sets per Month

HTZH-80 Automatic Boxing Packing Machine is continuous motion standing cartoning machine. It is high technology integrative product, which can fully meet requirement of GMP. HTZH-80 is composed of products conveying belt, box feeding and releasing system, encoder system and box packing machine. Max speed is up to 100 boxes per minute. According to different production equipment, we designed feeding system combined with this machine, which contributes to high efficiency and economical management for our clients. The main advantage is easy and convenient for specification interchange, so it will be more suitable for our variable specification.

Main Performances and Structure Features:

  • Packing forms such as automatic feeding, box opening, boxing, batch No. printing, box sealing, waste rejecting, etc. are adopted. Featured by compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and adjustment.
  • Servo/step motor, touch screen, PLC control system and man-machine interface display make operation more clear and convenient. With high automation degree, the machine is more user-friendly.
  • The photoelectric eye automatic detection tracking system is adopted. No boxing is made if the bag is empty, so as to save packing materials to the utmost extent.
  • With wide packing range and convenient adjustment, fast switching among various specifications and sizes can be realized.
  • Change of specifications does not need change of molds, but can be realized through adjustment.
  • Automatic stopping is available when the material boxing is not in place, and the main driving motor overload protection device is used, so that the machine is safer and more reliable.
  • According to customer requirements, the upturning type safety protective cover is adopted, which is featured by simple operation and beautiful appearance.
  • Linked production with the aluminum-plastic packing machine, pillow type packing machine, three-dimensional packing machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, ink-jet printer, online weightometer and other production lines and equipment can be realized.
  • Various automatic feeders and boxing systems can be designed according to different requirements of packing materials.
  • According to customer requirements, the hot melt glue machine can be equipped, and the hot melt glue spreading and box sealing and mechanical glue brushing and box sealing can be adopted.

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 Itembottle into carton box,soap packaging into carton box,carton box packaging machine
 Specification of Machine1300*1200*1500mm (L*W*H)
 Packaging DimensionL: 49 to 120mm, W: 30 to 80mm, H: 14 to 50mm
 Packaging Speed40 to 80 cases/min
 Air Consumption5-8 L/min
 Total Power1.5KW
 WeightAbout 950KG
 Product ApplicationIt is widely used for different packing including drug, food, commodity and cosmetic. For drug industry such as: cover box for solid torch and capsule, soft box for liquid paste, grease and colloid, tray box for vial, ampule bottle, and injector, as well as bottle box for solid and liquid drug and bag bx for powder and grain products. For food field such as: carton for cans, sweet, chocolate, candy, biscuit, wine, and freezing food, and so on. For commodity and cosmetic industry such as: carton for cream, grease, lotion, colloid, soap, lamp, computer floppy disk.

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  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Medicine Plate, Oral Liquid, Bottle, Vials, Bagged Granules, Paste, Ointment, Aerosol, etc.
  • Food Industry: Ice Cream, Egg Rolls, Bread, Biscuits, Eggs Pie, Bagged Coffee/Tea, Seasoning Bags, Milk Powder, etc.
  • Daily Industry: Toothpaste, Soap, Cosmetics, Facial Mask, Face Cream, Shoe Polish, Lipstick, Mosquito Coils, Fireworks, etc.
  • Hardware Electrical: Bearings, Energy-Saving Bulbs, Bulb, Switches, Sockets, Relays, Chargers, etc.
  • Auto Parts Industry: Spark Plugs, Filters, Piston Rings, Brake Pads, Car Bulbs, Automotive Electrical Appliances, etc.
  • Plastic Industry: Cling Film, Fresh Bag, Disposable Film Gloves, Plastic Products, Condoms and so on.
  • Entertainment Industry: Pens, Stapler, Staple, Indonesian, Glue, Modified Liquid, Poker, Puzzles, Toys, Handicrafts, Gifts, etc.
  • Living Paper: Paper Towels, Sanitary Napkins, Pads, Make-Up Cotton and so on.

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Company Information

Our Advantages: 

    1. 15 years’ experience in Packaging Machinery manufacturing.
    2. 10 years of experience in International trade, serving customers with more than 100 countries and regions. 
    3. Strong technical strength, can quickly resolve customer problems.
    4. Also, OEM/ODM service are available.
After-Sales Service:
After sales service, our engineer is available to supply door to door service for our customers and also they will tell our customer how to operate the machine. And also all of our engineer is ready for the service of the customer for 24 hours per day. We have sufficient spare parts stock and can meet your needs in time.

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Q: Can we put three bottles in the same box and make sure there are three different flavors in the three boxes?
A: If the size of the bottle and the size of the box are reasonable, this can be achieved.

Q: Can we use glue at the last step?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can three and six boxes be packed in one machine?
A: That's OK. But the price will be a little higher.

Q: Can I add the leaflet?
A: Yes, but you need to pay more for the leaflet.

Q: Why is the dust cover of cartoning machine different from the eyedrops filling machine?
A: Because eyedrops filling machine is a medicinal machine, must use 304 stainless steel, instead of medicinal machinery, aluminium alloy can be selected because of its beautiful appearance.

Q: How to adjust the cartoning machine?
A: If the material is exactly the same, you just need to adjust the length and width of the place where the box is placed. If the material is different, you need to change the tray.

Q: How much is the dustproof cover of the cartoning machine?
A: Abou USD1500.

Q: If the product size is different, do we need to change the mould?
A: Yes, you should change the mould.

Q: How many boxes can the machine pack per minute?
A: It depends on the machine. Different machines have different speeds.

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