Электрический гибкий силиконовый резиновый Нагреватель Колодки 5 в USB разъем

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6,00 $ - 18,00 $ / шт. | 10 шт. (Min. Order)
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Примерное время (в днях) 10 По договоренности
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Применимые индустрии:
Завод по производству
Ленточный нагреватель
Источник питания:
Происхождение товара:
Размер (L*W*H):
По индивидуальному заказу
Согласно дизайну
5 ~ 240 В
CE, ISO, ROHS, 16949
Название продукта:
PET нагреватель
Полиэстер и алюминия
0,13-0,4 мм
Нагревательные элементы:
Ni-Cr или FeCrAl
Регулятор температуры с термопарным:
K или J Тип
С или w/o
Длина кабеля:
По индивидуальному заказу
Рабочая температура:
Промышленность, сельское хозяйство, медицина и бытовые электроприборы
Послепродажное обслуживание:
Нет послепродажное обслуживание, Он-лайн Поддержка
Один год, 6000 часов
Возможности поставки
Возможности поставки:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month pet heater
Упаковка и доставка
Подробности об упаковке
Коробка или пластик для электрического подогревателя домашних животных
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Количество(Pieces) 1 - 1000 >1000
Примерное время (в днях) 10 Договорная

Electric Flexible Silicone Rubber Heater Pads 5V USB Connector


Polyimide is a thin, translucent material, has excellent dielectric strength. In the narrow space or require lighter, heater exposed to vacuum, oil or chemicals application environment, polyimide heaters are ideal. Compared with silicone heating film, PET film or ceramic electric heating film, polyimide is more compact.


Normal ThicknessPolyimide film(0.08mm)+Etching chips(0.05)+Polyimide film(0.08mm)
Working voltageAs your required
Working temperature-60℃-250℃
Watt density<3w/cm2
MountingPSA or mechanical
Max size500(W)×2000mm(L)
Bending radius>0.8mm
Exitinsulated leads



Polyimide Film Heater Characteristics
1) Heater thin and light so you can just position on the need for heating without heating part can be avoided.
2) Etched foil heating technology provides fast and efficient heat transfer and uniform heating surface, the temperature difference is minimal.
3) Customization options (for example: SMT components, flex cable and connectors) can provide the perfect complete solution that can significantly reduce assembly time and increase productivity.
4) Custom configured to provide balanced heating output performance to improve process yield and productivity, in accordance with requirements of additional temperature control device and temperature sensing devices.
5) There FEP adhesive can be 200 ° C (392 ° F)
6) Suitable for vacuum environments (NASA-RP-1061)
7) Resistant to most chemicals: acids and alkaline solvents erosion
8) If you are using polyimide insulated wires (custom option) can resist 106 rads of radiation, PSA adhesive stickers can be installed or epoxy adhesive, silicone adhesive installation.
9) Providing a variety of complex shapes design, and different power designs. Membrane in the same piece electrically heated heating circuit can be designed and holding circuit
10) Providing a liquid immersion design (non-standard)


Main Application
1. Medical diagnostic instruments and analyzers
2. Maintain warmth of satellite components
3. Protect aircraft electronic and mechanical devices against cold at high altitudes
4. Stabilize optoelectronic components
5. Test or simulate integrated circuits
6.Maintain constant temperature in analytic test equipment heating output to improve processing yields and productivity



Wuxi Tianbo Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Specializes in providing customized electric heaters,a professional enterprise, integrating the design, development, production and sale of flexible heaters. Our company has been established in 2009.We are located in the centre of Yangtze River delta,nearby shanghai port.close to the railway , expressway , port and airport, the geographical position is superior , the traffic is convenient.


The production line of etching machine can meet the requirement of customers who desire the customized heater.Our polyimide film heating adapt to Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Medical, transportation,Analytical Instrumentation,Food Equipment, Plastic and packing Equipment, and Aerospace industries,Especially in Semiconductor and the battery heater sector of new energy vehicle,we are in leading position,cooperating excellently with state-owned and central enterprises. our factory quickly improves technical and production abilities, stabilizes production quality and increasingly expands sales markets.The mission of Tianbo is to assist the customers we serve become more successful in their businesses,We are driven to serve your company not as just a key supplier but as a valved partner.We aim to accomplish this by providing you with the best quality and utmost integrity you deserve.





1. How much for the silicone heater?
The price depends on the size.

2. Why the price is so low?
You are ordering directly from the factory.

3.What type of payment do you have available?
We accept T/T,as sample order,the Paypal,Western union,Money gram and Aliexpress is available.

4.Could I get some samples?
Yes,of course.

5.What is the lead time?
Sample is only for 1-3 days,if the mass prodction,we can discuss on your requirement.

6.Which certification does your factory have?
We have CE,ISO,ROHS,16949 certification.

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