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Экспресс-Аудит фабрики хороший производитель аудит обзор фабрики образец помещения склад производственная линия SMT мастерская сырье

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Special Inspection (Мин. заказ: 1 чех.)
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Происхождение товара:
Guangdong, China

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1X1X1 см
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1.000 кг
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Service Description
Good Manufacturer Audit:
Trans-Pacific Facilitators’ skilled on-site auditors use a specific checklist to examine the performance of the factory so that you can be confident your products will be well manufactured and delivered as specified.

General Checking Points:
Manufacturer’s identification and backgroundQuality/Safety certificationsManpower and FacilityProduction capabilityProduction and Quality Control ProcessTrustworthiness & Reputation

Good Manufacturer Audit Details

Manufacturer’s identification and background
Ownership Business/Tax Registration Export license Length of time in business Factory Coverage & Buildings

Production capability
Main products Main markets/customers Monthly/Yearly output Outsourcing / subcontracting

Quality/Safety certifications
Quality system certificate Social responsibility certificate Heath, Safety and Environment certificate Product safety certificate

Production and Quality Control Process
Technical capability of production Main production process Quality control program(raw material,in-process, finished products, packaging)
Manpower and Facility
Number of workers Distribution of tasks among available workers Number of manufacturing /test equipment Status of equipment

Trustworthiness & Reputation
Good credit No dispute of intellectual property No fraud in business behavior or damage in bank credit Good award from local government, industry institute or local chamber of commerce

Our Main Services:
1. Factory Audit (FA)
2. Initial-Production Inspection (IPI)
3. Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)
4. During-Production Inspection (DPI)
5. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
6. 100% Full Inspection
7. Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

Multi-lingual U.S. and China Offices

30+ Years B2B Lighting/Electronics 

Inspect/Audit/Test Products

With years of inspection experience along

Related Services

Inspection Services

Quality Assurance

Container Loading Supervision

Testing & Safety
Product Range


LED Bulbs, LED Panel, LED Downlight, LED Cabinet Light, LED Grow Light, LED Night Light, Lighting Accessories and other lighting products.


Phone, Smart Phone, Television, Computer, Tablet Computer, Oven, E-Cigarettes and other electronic products.

Bed, Sofa, Table, Desk, BedStand, WardRobe, Dresser and other furniture prodcuts.

Our Company

Trans-Pacific Facilitators (Trans-Pac) is an experienced professional inspection firm committed to providing the inspection, testing, and audit services to assure that your lighting product is produced to your exact specifications and shipped on time.

Trans-Pacific Facilitators makes sure that costs, design, materials, production schedules, and packaging work together to deliver a quality product to market. We apply rigorous standards and decades of experience in China to assure that your product functions properly and conforms to safety requirements.

Our reporting is comprehensive and detailed to provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding your product.


Q: Do you have any MOQ limit for inspection services?
A: Low MOQ, 1 inspection case or 1 inspection manday is available.

Q: How to proceed an order for inspection service?

A: Firstly let us know your requirements or need.
Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
Thirdly customer confirms the inspection order and places payment for formal order.
Fourthly We arrange the inspection services.

Q: What kind of inspection services do I need ?
A: The type of quality control inspection you need largely depends on the quality goals you are trying to achieve, the relative importance of quality as it relates to your market, and whether there are any current production issues that need to be resolved.
We provide below services:
1. Factory Inspections / Factory Audit
2. Pre-production Inspection (PPI) / Initial Production Inspection (IPI)
3. During Production Inspection (DPI)
4. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
5. 100% inspection
6. Container Loading Supervision

Q: What does AQL means ?
A: AQL is the acronym for Acceptable Quality Limit (or Level). This represents a statistical measurement of the maximum number and range of defects that is considered acceptable during a random sampling inspection of your goods. If the AQL is not achieved for a particular sampling of goods, you may accept shipment of the goods 'as is', demand a rework of the goods, renegotiate with you supplier, refuse the shipment, or choose another recourse based on your supplier agreement.
Defects found during a standard random inspection are sometimes classified into three levels: critical, major and minor. Critical defects are those that render the product unsafe or hazardous for the end user or that contravene mandatory regulations. Major defects can result in the product's failure, reducing its marketability, usability or salability. Lastly, minor defects do not affect the product's marketability or usability, but represent workmanship defects that make the product fall short of defined quality standards. Different companies maintain different interpretations of each defect type. Our staff can work with you to determine the AQL standard that meets your requirements according to the level of risk you are willing to assume.
This becomes the primary reference during a pre-shipment inspection.It is important to note; the AQL inspection is only a report on the findings at the time of the inspection. TPF, like all 3rd party QC companies, does not have the authority to make a decision as to whether your goods can be shipped. That is a decision only you can make in consultation with your
supplier after reviewing the inspection report.

Q: Can I get the report the same day of the inspection ?
A: It may be possible to get a draft report the same day. However, the formal report is not available until the next business day as we need a final review by a supervisor. This also allows for a final review for accuracy and internal audit purposes.

Q: How many hours does the inspector work at the factory?
A: Typically, each inspector will work 8 hours per day, not counting meal breaks. How much time he spends at the factory depends on how many inspectors are working there, and whether the paperwork is completed at the factory, or at the office. As an employer, we are bound by China labor law, so there is a limit to the amount of time our staff can work each day without incurring additional charges. It is important to remember however, it is not only the
inspector who is dealing with your inspection. Every report is reviewed and cleared by a supervisor, and processed by your coordinator. So many hands are involved in a single inspection and report. However, we put forth our best effort at maximizing efficiency in your behalf. We have proved time and again that our pricing and man hour quotes are very competitive.

Q: Why is a factory audit or pre-shipment inspection important?
A: To be honestly in most cases it's possible to find unbelievable prices from a Chinese manufacturer, however neither product quality nor the after sale services would be satisfactory for you as an importer, if you would not take preventive actions. How to make sure that the factory is a real manufacturer and can produce the good quality goods as you request? There is no way 100% to stop a fraudulent company whatever measures you take, but you can reduce your risks to acceptable levels if you depend on factory audit and pre-shipment inspection service by Trans-Pacific Facilitators.
Pre-shipment inspection:
Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is carried out when production is 100% finished and at least 80% of the products are packed. Samples are selected for checking at random according to AQL sampling standards and procedures, to ensure that finished goods conform to your specifications.

Factory Audit:
A factory audit can uncover problems before production so you have an exact understanding of your supplier's capabilities, systems, management and operation procedures. This is a high level of quality control and will enable you to select a qualified supplier with confidence. We'll check if your potential supplier is a real manufacturer and also check the factory qualification, the machinery and how many workers are there in the factory etc.

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