Маска для лица материал 100% полипропилен SMS спанбонд нетканый материал

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100% полипропилен, 100% полипропилен
Методы работы с неткаными материалами:
"57/58""", 160 см-200 см-320 см (можно разрезать)
Из водонепроницаемого материала, Молестойкий, Устойчивого, Воздухопроницаемый, Антистатический, Антибактериальный, защита от растягивания, Износостойкий, Противоусадочный
Домашний текстиль, Больница, Сельское хозяйство, Сумка, Гигиена, Одежда, Автомобиль, Промышленность, Обувь, Прокладочный материал, Нетканая полипропиленовая ткань в рулоне, Сельское хозяйство покрытие, мебель, медицинская, хозяйственная сумка и т. Д.
СТАНДАРТ OEKO-TEX 100, CE, SGS,ISO14001:2004;OHSAS18001:2007;ISO9001:2008
10gsm-260gsm, 10gsm-260gsm
Происхождение товара:
Хуахао-из нетканого полотна
Нетканые ткани-66
Название продукта:
Маска для лица материал 100% полипропилен SMS спанбонд нетканый материал
Нетканая ткань с горячей штамповкой
Красный, желтый, розовый, синий, черный или любой цвет
Любые размеры
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Возможности поставки:
50 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Day
Упаковка и доставка
Подробности об упаковке
nonwovens fabric:roll in polybag with paper tube in middle
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Примерное время (в днях) 7 15 Договорная

Face Mask Material 100% Polypropylene SMS Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

Product Description

1. Give you a professional nonwovens solution & idea

2. Excellent service and prompt delivery.

3. The most competitive price with the best quality.

4. Free samples will be delivered for further reference;


Brief production description:

1) products name: PP spunbonded non-woven fabric; TNT fabric; Air adhesive non-woven spunbond

2) material: 100% polypropylene

3) weight: 10GSM-260GSM

4) width:  160cm-200cm-320cm (can be split)

5) roll length: As per your requirement

6) color: Any colors available

7) supply ability: 50 tons per day (10 machines)

8) features: Environmental friendly, ultraviolet, sanitary and good thermal insulation, etc 

we can supply all kinds of color and width non-woven fabric we can supply all kinds of color and width non-woven fabric products according to requirements of clients. we can supply all kinds of color and width non-woven fabric products according to requirements of clients. products according to requirements of clients.


The fabric weight , dimension, color, logo, printing, design can be produced as per customers' requirement.


Please feel free to contact to us,and inform us the Weight,Width,and Color.






Customized Data



                                          Redefine the color of the nonwovens 

    In the nonwovens market, Huahao shows the color in an abundant way. After 15 years, we accumulated

more than 13,000 color data. Nowadays, most of the color can be paired without proofing. 

    In order to have a better color experience, we built a high standard masterbatch factory,which not only will

enhance the brightness of the fabric more than 3 times, but also can achieve 24 hours accurate proofing and

fast response.


                                                Any width for customization

    Due to the huge production capacity, we equipped with 9 kinds of width equipments from 1.1 meters

to 3.4 meters, to achieve a full coverage of the commonly used width of fabric for customer.

   We reduce the waste of fabric width to the limit through the massive orders of scientific management.

   Nowadays, Huahao almost can handle all the special and customized width production orders, without

additional charge for width loss.


Product Testing

Commitment: The company produces non-woven Hua Hao brand A grade is 100% brand new particles , and to ensure that no filler material back .Now available in a number of non-woven fabrics , under the banner name of new material , but with the production of powder or add back material, filler to reduce costs , you can use the following method to identify whether the 100% brand new particles or not.


1.see . 100% of brand new particle production of non-woven cloth gloss, gloss has woven with the increase in the proportion of filler added gradually dull .


2.smell . 100% of non-woven fabric produced by the new particle does not smell , because the PP particles are tasteless , but the material is back odor , powder is petrol and diesel smell.


3.burn . 100% of non-woven fabric produced new particles of burnt powder residue will have like object , a filling material and burn the nonwoven fabric can be seen clearly in the residue powder objects.


4.pull . 100% of brand new particle production of non-woven tear after Busi is clean and pure , there is a non-woven fabric tearing Hou Busi filler can be seen in a white powder -like objects .


5.measured . You can also determine whether the 100% of new material by measuring the thickness of the cloth and specific gravity .



PP Nonwoven Fabric Application:


1) Packing Supplies: Packing bag, shopping bag, suit cover, light wardrobe, shoes substrate, decoration

2) Agriculture: Anti-UV nonwoven fabric for agriculture fabric, insulation, pest control, and crop


3) Medical use:Face Masks, Surgical Drapes & Wraps, Slippers, Shoe Covers, bed sheets, pillow

cases and other disposable nonwoven products.

4) Home textile: Furniture, Table Cloth, Bed sheet, Wallpaper, mattress, cushion, roofing, etc



About Us

Located in Huadu District, Guangzhou Huahao Nonwoven Fabric Co Ltd is  one of the leading    

nonwoven fabric manufacturers and exporters in China ,  with registered capital RMB 10 million.    

Companies adhering to the  "integrity-based, service quality, customer first, quality first," the  purpose    

pursue market-oriented, "stability is the basis for quality,  customer demand and our commitment to the    

pursuit of" business philosophy.


Our Advantage

1.Ingredients: 100% PP granule original, without filler or recycled materials

2. With excellent effect, the uniformity, gloss, softness are well ahead of the market

3.We have our own master-batches factory, the color is accurate and stable

4.Meeting the latest environmental standards

5.Anti-UV, flame retardant, and hydrophilic can be produced

6. Width:1.6M,1.8M,2.0M,2.4M,3.2M.

7.Applications: environmental bags, storage bags, home textile & furnish, medical & health,agriculture & garden. crafts & gift

8. The service of printing, coating, cutting, folding and fine packing process can be provided



Q: Can I get some free sample?
A: Of course we can send you free sample with catalogue,but you need pay shipping cost to us.

Q: Will color difference exist between sample and production ?
A: There is no color difference for our nonwoven fabric rolls because we have our own exclusive color master-batches factory,with accurate and stable color. 

Q:What products you produce?
A: S,SS,SSS nonwoven fabrics,printing nonwoven fabrics,laminated nonwoven fabrics,embossing nonwoven fabrics,nonwoven shopping bags and so on.

Q:Can we use our own label?
A:Yes, you can. You can contact with the salesmen, please send an email to her/him and tell more details about the label.


Q:What is your production procedure?
A:Order →Pre→Production sample →Material-purchasing →Fabric quality control →Production →Inspection →Packing →Delivery.

Q:What’s the payment term?
A:Usually we accept T/T, we also can accept L/C, Western Union etc.

Q: Will you be responsible for the goods when shipping?
A: Generally the logistics company we cooperate can send the cargo to where you want. Besides, we promise that goods will be arranged as soon as possible and delivered in the shortest time.

Q:Can we use our own shipping agent? 
A:Yes, you can. We had cooperated with many forwarders. If you need, we can recommend some forwarders to you and you can compare the price and services.

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