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JAKCOM QW3 супер беспроводная быстрая зарядная площадка, новый продукт зарядных устройств 2020 в АС 100 240 в адаптер usb

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Мобильный телефон
Огнезащитный материал пх, АБС-пластик
OTP, Ovp, OLP, Защита от короткого замыкания, Ocp
QI, QC2.0, Qc1.0, QC3.0, QC4.0, PD
1 x USB
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battery charger input ac 100 240v adattatore usb

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10.5X2.5X12.5 см
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0.090 кг
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JAKCOM QW3 супер беспроводная Быстрая зарядка Pad Подробности упаковки: Внутренняя белая коробка: единица измерения-сантиметр Вес в упаковке: около 90 г; Единица измерения-Размер 10,5 см x 2,5 см x 12,5 см; Внешняя коричневая коробка: Единица G.W составляет около 14220 г, размер блока-53 см x 29 см x 37 см, макс.-158 шт.
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JAKCOM QW3 Super Wireless Quick Charging Pad New Product of Chargers 2020 as battery charger input ac 100 240v adattatore usb521

Highly Recommended New Product

Highly Recommended New Product

Product NameProduct PriceProduct Link
JAKCOM R4 Smart Ring8.9 usd/pcClick to View
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Product Price List

JAKCOM QW3 Super Wireless Quick Charging Pad Price

QuantityFOB Price
Sample8.12 usd/pc
10+pcs6.96 usd/pc
100+pcs5.94 usd/pc
1000+pcs5.79 usd/pc
3000+pcs5.72 usd/pc
JAKCOM QW3 Product Description


  • JAKCOM QW3 Super Wireless Quick Charging Pad
    18W high-power quick charging | Qi charging standard | Support wireless heating cup


  • Speed upgrade, one step ahead
    JAKCOM QW3 realizes 18W high-power wireless quick charging, increase charge power by 80% compared with ordinary quick charging, interpret the new speed of quick charging.


  • Global standard, compatible worldwide
    JAKCOM QW3 meets Qi EPP charge protocol, and provides quick charging to mobile devices including mobile phones of various brands.


  • Smart turbo, new play of quick charging
    JAKCOM QW3 can smartly adjust the most suitable output power according to the charging device, it specially supports wireless heating cup and can directly heat it.


  • High power, well adapted
    By virtue of its high-power output capability, JAKCOM QW3 has excellent environmental compatibility and can even apply to non-metallic protective shell with a thickness of up to 8mm.


  • Full-time protection, whole-process secure
    JAKCOM QW3 can full time monitor its own operating status, and provides "temperature protection", "short-circuit protection", "power protection", "foreign substance detection", "voltage protection", "lightning protection", "current protection" and "electromagnetic protection".


  • Total aluminum heat dissipation, no noise in the whole process
    JAKCOM QW3 adopts fast-cooling shell and can efficiently control temperature without the fan, without noise in the whole process of quick charging.


  • Simple and beautiful design
    JAKCOM QW3 is made of protein silica gel with comfortable touch on the surface, which is matched up with aluminum body processed by cutting and abrasive blasting.


  • Two colors of cowhide black and Macaroon white are available.


  • Elegant technology, annular breathing indicator light
    JAKCOM QW3 is embedded with LED annular breathing indicator light around its body, it provides different light colors and conversion frequencies for standby, charging and foreign substance hint, and this punchline is elegantly displayed.


  • Parameters and details
    Input:12V/2A, 9V/1.67A, 5V/2A
    Transmission distance:≤8mm
    Charging efficiency:≥76%
    Interface type:USB-A
    Product size:100mm x 100mm x 6mm
    Product weight:54g
    Accessories:Wireless charger host、quick charging power line(1m)、instruction book



  • Quick customization
    No minimum order quantity
    Package Logo and Accessories Logo
JAKCOM TECH Company Information
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  • By Special Line, Some cities have it, 1-2 weeks.


About Packing

  • JAKCOM QW3 Super Wireless Quick Charging Pad Packaging Details:
    Inner White Box: Unit G.W is about 90g, Unit Size is 10.5cm x 2.5cm x 12.5cm;
    Outer Brown Box: Unit G.W is about 14220g, Unit size is 53cm x 29cm x 37cm , Max with 158 pcs.


About OEM Customized

  • Individualized Scheduling: No waiting time.
  • Automated Production: Coincident product quality.
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About Warranty

  • Warranty is 1 year. There are any problems within one year, we will fix or change it for you, and we are responsible for the freight when we send to you.


About Order Process Cycle

  • All products are in stock, your order will be delivered within one working day after you have paid successfully.


Special Note

  • JAKCOM QW3 Super Wireless Quick Charging Pad does not contain USB Charge Adapter;
  • Please let users to check whether their USB charging adapter is a quick charge of more than 18W power, and recommend users to use the USB fast charging cable we equipped, otherwise the wireless charging pad may not be able to output the maximum power, affecting the fast charging performance;
  • If the user does not have a USB quick charge adapter, please recommend the user to use our JAKCOM QC3 Super USB Quick Charge Adapter to ensure a fast charging experience.


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JAKCOM QW3 Super Wireless Quick Charging Pad New Product of Chargers 2020 as battery charger input ac 100 240v adattatore usb521

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