Karndean lvt merbau auditorium виниловые твердые дубовые полы 5 мм Нажмите

  • 1000 - 9999 кв. фут.
    1,50 $
  • >=10000 кв. фут.
    1,30 $
Время выполнения заказа::
Количество(кв. фут.) 1 - 10000 >10000
Примерное время (в днях) 15 По договоренности
сообщать О Подозрительной деятельности
Краткая информация
15 мм
Происхождение товара:
Guangdong, China
Тип деревянного напольного покрытия:
Ламинированное напольное покрытие
Выбросов формальдегида::
Стойкость к истиранию::
FP; при заказе на сумму> = 4000r
Основной материал кабеля::
Окружающая среда::
Без краски, Защита окружающей среды
Меньше деформации
Geothermay использование::
В наличии
31-3/5 "* 5" * 3/5"
Возможности поставки
Возможности поставки:
100000 Square Foot/Square Feet per Month
Упаковка и доставка
Подробности об упаковке
803*127*8 мм (31-3/5 "* 5" * 5/16 "): 36 шт/коробка, 39,5 кв. Футов
803*127*12 мм (31-3/5 "* 5" * 1/2 "): 24 шт/коробка, 26,37 кв. Футов
803*127*15 мм (31-3/5 "* 5" * 3/5 "): 20 шт/коробка, 21,96 кв. Футов
1210*194*12 мм (47-3/5 "* 7-3/5" * 1/2 "): 12 шт/коробка, 30,35 квадратных футов
1210*194*15 мм (47-3/5 "* 7-3/5" * 3/5 "): 10 шт/коробка, 25,3 квадратных футов
Guangzhou/ Foshan/ Shenzhen
Время выполнения заказа: :
Количество(кв. фут.) 1 - 10000 >10000
Примерное время (в днях) 15 Договорная


Product VeinsWood
Wood SpeciesEucalyptus
Dimension  803*127*8mm (31-3/5"×5"×5/16")
803*127*12mm (31-3/5"×5"×1/2")
803*127*15mm (31-3/5"×5"×3/5")
1210*194*12mm (47-3/5"×7-3/5"×1/2")
1210*194*15mm (47-3/5"×7-3/5"×3/5")
Joint SystemFlat Buckle
SurfaceSmooth; Handscraped
InstallationH-Shaped Stitching; 369 Connection; Herringbone Stitching, Etc.
CertificateCARB/EPA17111; FSC; ISO9001:2015; ISO14001:2015
Packing and shippingExport Cartons; Pallet Packing
Lead Time15-30 days (Est.time)
Formaldehyde EmissionE0
Geothermay UsageAvailable


Wood floors can be divided into four categories. Mobile wood floor, solid wood floor, multi-

layer solidwood floor and reinforced composit floor. Wood isnatural, whose growth rings and grains 

usually can  form a beautiful picture, make one feel a rerurn to the nature and simplicity and 

thus popular among the customers.

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Structure Diagram                                        

The multi-layer solid wood floor is made of several layers of boards that cross each other under a high temperature and a high pressure, which are affixed with a piece of 

impregnated paper with a wear-resistant layer and a decorative layer. It is resistant to deformation and cracking, with and extremely small dry shrinkage and swell coefficient, and a good 

performance to regulate the indoor temperature and humidity.

The decorative layer shows different forms of wood grains, with changeful colors, easy to lay and with a broad scope of use. Its price is higher than 

composite floor, but lower than solid wood floor. suitable for geothermal heating room.



Paving Method                                             



Recommended Products                                

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Production Process                                        





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Q1:Do you provide sample?
A:Yes,samples available,please contact with manager.


Q2:How can I get your earliest quotation?
A:As soon as possible,please also confirm your requirements,such as wood species,size,veneer,thickness,quantity etc.


Q3:What's the MOQ?
A:100 square meter.


Q4: How about the delivery time?
A: Generally 15-20 working days after deposit, we will try best to save your time.


Q5: How can you guarantee the quality?
A: Our flooring all can meet international standard, under 100% inspected before shipment.


Q6: Available payment.
A: As your convenient, T/T, L/C.


Q7:I didn't find what I need?
A:As one stop floor solution provider, we keep enlarging our product categories but we have very strict process to approve a new product to be added into our list. And it takes time to upload new products online. You can let us know your inquiry and check if we can supply you.


Q8:Do you have very new or special product?
A:We have strong R&D capability and please try us. We are happy to customize a product just for you.

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