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Для взрослых, Дети, Пожилой
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2 года
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Kansas, United States
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Port Klang
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Product Description


LiveEssence is a pristine clear liquid concentrate containing 37 types of colloidal aged & fermented nano digestive and metabolic enzymes from fruits, vegetables and starches. In addition, it also contains 78 types of Glacier water derived ionic minerals and 20 types of colloidal amino acids from plants.

LiveEssence serves as a complete cell nutrition liquid concentrate to constantly recharge our cell’s inter cellular / lymphatic fluid with key nutrients and enzymes for good health and longevity. It has very low surface tension which enables easy absorption into oral, throat and stomach mucous membrane.


  • Poor Digestion – Regular enzymes capsules are expensive and not effective in solving indigestion problems. Only fermented and aged enzymes are bio active.
  • Toxic Blood – An extremely effective, 100% non herbal producing blood cleanser and alkalizing. A clean blood system produces clear skin complexion and less joint pain.
  • Skin Problems – Excellent for difficult skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and rashes.
  • Poor Energy – Provides ATP energy producing minerals and enzymes without causing heart palpitation and breathlessness.
  • Vegetarian – Provides all crucial minerals/enzymes/amino acids that are lacking in a vegetarian diet. 100% vegetarian formula. No milk, egg or meat by-products are used.
  • Increases Blood Conductivity of Blood – Improves transmission of nerves impulse. Good for older people.

What are enzymes?
Enzymes are natural protein substances produced in our bodies. They start and regulate every single reaction & process in our cells. Enzymes exists both in humans, animals and plants. When a plant or tree lacks enzymes, they will stop sprouting flowers and will not bear any fruits. Even beer wine and cheese will fail to ferment successfully without enzymes. All the goodness of enzymes which you have read from anti ageing literatures, clinical studies and anti ageing books refer to the TOTAL combination of digestive and metabolic enzymes. Both types of enzymes are produced naturally by the human body and need to work together for prefect health.

Digestive enzymes
All enzymes products available from retail or organic stores are digestive enzymes. Their sole purpose is to aid in the digestion of food. Our stomach and pancreas produce digestive enzymes too, however owing to poor health and the ageing process, lesser amounts are produced, unable to cope the normal demand for good digestion.

Metabolic Enzymes… The missing link in most products
Metabolic enzymes are totally different from digestive enzymes. they are produced exclusively by the liver to help all cells, organs, glands and blood attain peak functioning. You couldn’t breathe, hold a cup steadily, turn a page in a book, read, taste the food or hear a telephone ring without metabolic enzymes! That’s how important metabolic enzymes are! VesPro™ Live Essence contains 37 types of metabolic and digestive enzymes derived from the fermentation of vegetables and fruits for peak health. Production of metabolic enzymes requires very accurate laboratory control.


Company Information

  Dynamic Nutrition has been accepted as a member of Japan NattoKinase Association (JNKA) via recommendation from our partner Japan Bio Science Laboratory.  At Dynamic Nutrition, we are committed to bring good quality natural health supplements you. We support ecological farming and sustainable agriculture. We aim spread our knowledge of “Eat Wholesome. Be Healthy.” and recommend what we think is best to you.

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