Новый Дизайн Цветной дыхательный свет беспроводной пользовательской формы компьютерная игровая мышь

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    37,58 $
  • 6 - 9 шт.
    37,00 $
  • >=10 шт.
    36,13 $
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Количество(шт.) 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Примерное время (в днях) 7 10 12 По договоренности
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Эмблема на заказ (Min. Order: 50 шт.)
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Краткая информация
FCC, CE, Речь, GS, UL, CSA, ROHS, WEEE, sgs, SIG (Bluetooth), Бис (МСИ)
Метод отслеживания:
Происхождение товара:
Guangdong, China
Тип интерфейса:
Тип питания:
Количество роликов:
-1 шт.
Количество кнопок:
Статус продукта:
На складе, Подержанный
Настольный, Ноутбук
3D, Мини, Жидкий, Палец, Из водонепроницаемого материала, С системой снятия отпечатков пальцев
Ориентация рук:
Обе руки
Возможна печать логотипа
Тип мыши:
Красочные дыхание светодиодное освещение
1 год
123*84*41 мм
CE ROHS FCC фирмы mlight
1600 точек/дюйм
Новый Дизайн Цветной “дышащими” световыми индикаторами для компьютерной мыши
Ключевые слова:
Беспроводная компьютерная мышь
Наименование товара:
Флеш-накопитель usb традиционной формы по компьютерный игровой коврик для мыши
Упаковка и доставка
Подробности об упаковке
Новый дизайн цветная дышащая Беспроводная компьютерная игровая мышь пользовательской формы
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Количество(Pieces) 1 - 50 51 - 500 501 - 1000 >1000
Примерное время (в днях) 7 10 12 Договорная

New design Colored Breathing Light Wireless custom shape computer gaming Mouse

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Q:Are you the manufactory or trade company?

A:Both are.We have been engaged in this field for many years.So competitive price can be kept our customers.And the quality for products& after service are better than others.Infinite brings you the best and the most trusted brands of consumer electronice products which will take your digital lifestyle to a whole new level.

Q:Whats your best price?

A:Our products have a quite wide price range for different types and different quantity requirement.Please contact us freely.We will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirement.

Q:How can I get the sample?

A:If you want samples to test,the samples are free.Just pay for shipping.

Q:How much the transportation freight will be?

A:The freight depends on the weight & packing size and your area.

Q:How can I get your price list?

A:Please feel freely to contact us on trademanager  or send us an inquiry.Then we can send you the price list and more information by email.

Q:Can you print our own logo on the case?

A:Yes.we can do the custom design case.We have two kinds of printing,heat-pressing and screen printing for your choice.

Q:How to order?

Step 1-Tell us your requires.Such as:which models,Quantities,color & other special note.

Step 2-We will make invoice for you to confirm first.

Step 3-Checking the invoice and confirm for us,we will arrange the production ASAP when payment received.

Step 4-Take photos confirm & follow delivery info,such tracking number.


1.What are typical delivery times for my order?
We strive to make the delivery in an earliest day, normally it takes 7-20 days which depends on the order quantity.
2.What is "spot color" and what is "4C process" printing?
Spot color and 4C process are two different ways to print on the products. For both processes there must be a separate plate or screen (called a color separation) for each ink color to be printed. As you might expect, the more colors to be printed, the more plates are needed and the more expensive the job is.
In spot color printing the inks are mixed by the manufacturer and are applied one color to a plate. If "exact" color matching is required, exact colors can be specified using PMS (Pantone Matching System) number codes
In 4C processing, four ink colors are mixed together on the printing press to make essentially all the colors of the rainbow. These four-colors are usually called "CYMK" for cyan (a light blue), magenta (a pinkish red), yellow and black inks.
If the job has only a few colors, spot color is an economical way to print. However, if the job has a lot of colors it can be less expensive to print using 4C process. Photographs must be printed using four-color process because of the large number of colors they have.
3.What is dye sublimation?
Dye sublimation is the process that helps product achieve the best possible resolution in printing. The process is the following: The graphics you send is digitized (or already in digital form), then film and plates are made from the graphics. The plates are mounted on an offset printing press (process is much like a catalog is being printed), then using sublimation inks, the graphics is printed on the paper. Once printed, the graphics is transferred to the top surface of the products. The end result is a very close reproduction of the graphics on a cloth surface.
4.How do I submit my artwork?
A. You can send us the artwork through www.sendspace.com if the file is large than 10M.
B. You can email us the file (recommended only if it's 10M or less)
C. Finally, you can send us the file on a CD or Zip disk.
5.How about your requirements for artwork design?
B. Resolution: The images or photos should be 300+DPI. We can print using graphics as low as 72DPI (Web Graphics) but the graphics will look pixelized and you might not like the results, also a vector diagram file will be very welcomed but please don’t forget to outline all texts to avoid any malformation happened if we don’t have the same font in our system.
C. Size: We need to have 5mm bleed all around, this means you should have the background go 5mm beyond what you want to show up on the product, for example, a 830x220mm bar mat will have graphics 840x230mm to include the bleed.
6.Are your blank white products good for sublimation or transfer printing?
Yes! The bright white polyester top on our blank products are excellent for sublimation or transfer printing. Our fabric top is made of a superior white polyester material and it does not have a noticeable weave pattern. Therefore, your image will show the highest resolution giving you maximum detail, richer color and a smoother look. Our superior white fabric is excellent for sublimation, laser transfer and silk screening.
7.Is the base of your mouse pad foam or rubber?
Our mouse pads have an open cell natural rubber base. It's a heavy rubber, not a lightweight foam. This makes our mouse pads a real keeper!
8.Is the polyester vulcanized to the rubber base or glued?
The polyester cloth top is vulcanized to the rubber, not glued, so it won't peel off.
9.I find your price is higher than other suppliers, why?
We are the factory, we know the price is really critical for our customers and we strive to provide our customers best priced products, but we are a responsible factory that we still focus on quality and after-sale service, we are trying to provide highest quality products to satisfy our customers, for after-sale, we provide fully replacement for any defective product which is found after sale, when the quality is better, meanwhile the price surely will be higher as we have to spend more cost to achive this goal, our goal is to provide best cost performance products, not lowest priced products.

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