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Sacha Inchi Oil
Происхождение товара:
Amazon Andes
SAO -001
Лекарственная форма:
Жидкость для полости рта
20, 50 and 208 lt drum
Main Ingredient:
OMEGA 3, 6 y 9
Product Name:
Organic sacha inchi oil
Country of Origin:
Main function:
Improve Immune System
50 lt drum
Light Yellow
Shelf life:
2 Years/ 24 Months
Возможности поставки
Возможности поставки:
20000 Liter/Liters per Month
Упаковка и доставка
Подробности об упаковке
Стеклянная бутылка и ПЭТ x 250 мл. 20 lt или 208 lt барабаны.
Пример изображения:
Время выполнения заказа: :
Количество(Liters) 1 - 100 >100
Примерное время (в днях) 10 Договорная
Product Description


Wholesale Supply Top Quality Bulk Natural Sacha Inchi Oil at Best Price


Sacha Inchi Oil consists of more than 50 % Omega 3, and consistent amounts of vitamins A and E,
which act as natural oxidants. We believe in healthy high tech processing. Therefore the oil is obtained by a unique and innovative cold press mechanism, in order to preserve the natural benefits of the seeds, which ensures a top quality unrefined, without additives and suitable for internal and external use.


Scientific Name: Plukenetia Volubilis Linnea

Common Name: Inca peanut, mountain peanut or sacha peanut

Origin : Endemic to the Amazon Rainforest, Sacha Inchi is cultivated in Peru in Madre de Dios, Huanuco, Oxapampa, San Martin, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Cuenca del Ucayali (Pucallpa, Contamana and Requena), in Putumayo and in the Iquitos and Caballococha areas.


Ingredients :

100 % pure and organic Sacha Inchi oil.Does not contain artificial fragrance, flavorings or colorants.


Properties :


Internal Use:

Sacha Inchi Oil is rich in Alpha Linolenic omega 3 and Linoleic Omega 6. These fatty acids can regulate and reduce cholesterol, play an important role in the generation of nervous tissue (myelinisation), eye tissue and cellular membrane structure. Indirectly, both fatty acids are essential to the immune system, the regulation of blood pressure and the generation of platelets.

Sacha Inchi Oil is a biological product obtained by a unique and innovative cold press mechanism. Therefore, consumption of this top quality oil is beneficial to everyone’s health.


External Use:

The oil’s components (unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins) are widely used in industrial cosmetics. Sacha Inchi Oil restructures, fortifies and protects skin, hair and nails, forming a natural barrier against external factors, preventing dehydration.

Ideal for sensitive, dehydrated, dry even infected or irritated skin, and for dry and damaged hair.
Vitamin E plays an essential role in skin regeneration and the unsaturated fatt y acids nourish, prevent and treat skin and hair problems.


Storage and Stability:

Keep in a dry and fresh place and avoid exposure to heat sources.

Shelf life: 24 months from manufacturing date.







  Physical and Chemical Properties  
Homogeneous, free from foreign particles.
Characteristical, similar to reference pattern
  Density  0.9260-0.9285 g/ml
  Refraction index  1.475 – 1.485 
  Acidity   Max. 1 % (expressed as Oleic acid) 
  Saponification index  192.0 – 197.0 
  Peroxid index  < 10.0 meq O2/Kg 
  Iodine index  183.0-199.0 
  Insoluble impurities Max.0.02 % m/m 
  Free fatty acids  Max.0.5 % 
  Mono unsaturated Max.9.7 %
  Omega 3 Min.49.7 % 
  Omega 6  Min.32.9 % 
  Microbiological Specification
  Lipolitic bacteria count
< 3 nmp/mL
  Vitamin A
681 ug
  Vitamin E
17 mg/100gr
  Percentage Of Fatty Acids % 
  Palmitic C 16:0 
  Stearic C 18:0
  Oleic omega 9 C 18:1 w9
  Linoleic omega 6 C 18:2 w6
  Alpha Linolenic omega 3 C 18:3 w3 48.61
  Total Saturated
  Total Unsaturated


Company Profile


We are Amazon Andes Export SAC  and we have started to produce and market natural, functional foods made from our native Peruvian biodiversity  from 2010. We offer final  bulk product to suit the needs of each of our clients,  harmonized with ethical principles that we seek to achieve a real sustainable development, by helping to improve the quality of life of all the links in this valuable chain, we work for the health and welfare of people, from original, native Andean and amazonian communities, through to customers.

We are firm believers that “FOOD OF THE FUTURE, ARE THOSE OF OUR PAST” this is why we are in a constant search of  the revaluation of our super Amazonian Andean food, we continue researching and continuously innovating to develop new and better products under the concepts of natural and positive vision and with quality.

We look for naturalness in our processes and we are fully committed to the care and sustainable use of our biodiversity, which we understand the diversity of all living things, from the human to the microorganisms, organic certified products including also the variety ecosystem promote the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, we believe it is important for the survival of our planet.

We have a positive outlook, and reflect continuously to improve of our work, adapting to changes and seek quality, food security is our priority, which is why we work in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and (HACCP).

We invite you to become part of us and our policies of justice and sustainability, and also our organic, healthy products.

Why Us?






Our Processes


AMAZON ANDES EXPORT SAC  is more than just a company, we are a long-term project that is seeking to stimulate the development of valuable chains of  products from the Peruvian biodiversity. In addition to commercial activities that we are developing we also have other activities planned, for example, we want to help in the social and environmental development of our country. Our projects will be developed in three stages, and on whose progress will depend directly on the level and rate of growth of the company.


Contact us



        Copyright © 2020. AMAZON ANDES EXPORT S.A.C. All Rights Reserved  
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