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Тип деятельности: Производитель
Продукт/Услуга: Автомобильная лампа, дверное зеркало, гриллер, заднее крыло, внешние аксессуары оконные жалюзи
Местонахождение: Jiangsu, China
Год создания: 2012
Кол-во сотрудников: 11 - 50 чел.
Основные рынки: Местный рынок,Южная Азия,Восточная Европа,Восточная Азия
Среднее время выполнения заказа: 30 дней
Профиль компании

DANYANG YINGKE AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD. is Located in the industrial cluster, rich in the Yangtze River Delta and known as "the hometown of the country", said the new town of Danyang.The famous Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, Golden Corridor Yangtze River, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, 312 national highway passing through the Nanjing Lukou Airport, Shanghai, Su Xi Chang high-tech triangle close at hand. Unique geographical location, convenient transportation. Our company is specialized in the production of car headlights, fog lights and all kinds of accessories and outside a new enterprise. Major export countries in Central Asia and Russia and other regions. With strong technical support, as well as strong mold development capabilities. Can be provided with the sample of customers to develop cooperation, and strive to provide customers around the world to provide high-quality automotive lighting. DANYANG YINGKE AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD. with its consistent innovation, self-improvement, the spirit of endeavour, R & D, production and sales in one. Wisdom to create exquisite workmanship, innovative products, and continuous efforts, continuous innovation. Adhering to the principle of customer first, to provide more high-quality after-sales service.

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Возможности компании

Товарооборот Местный рынок : 35.00% Южная Азия : 25.00% Больше товаров
Производство Размер завода : 10,000-30,000 кв. метров Производственных линий : 3 Больше товаров
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Wang Jingming
Wang Jingming
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