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Основная информация
Тип деятельности: Производитель, Торговая компания
Продукт/Услуга: Плата управления, регистратор данных температуры, WiFi Scoket, термостат
Местонахождение: Guangdong, China
Год создания: 2003
Год начала экспорта: 2015
Кол-во сотрудников: 101 - 200 чел.
Итого выручка (за прошлый год): confidential
Основные рынки: Местный рынок,Южная Америка,Западная Европа,Северная Америка,Средний Восток
Сертификаты: ISO9001
Сертификаты продуктов: chan pin ren zheng zheng shu,CE,RoHS
Среднее время выполнения заказа: 15 дней
Профиль компании

Intelligent Controller: Swimming pool heat pump controller, heat pump water heater controller, solar heat pump water heater controller, commercial(central) air conditioner controller, combine system controller-A/C and hot water, residential A/C controller, A/C controller-frequency conversion household type split series, heat pump water heater controller-frequency conversion and directly heating series, industry controller, etc. Switching Power Supply: To respond our country's programming of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, our company is based on the concept of "environmental protection and energy saving" and is engaged in the Green Light Program. Then we develop and produce the new LED switching power supply with waterproof function and constant voltage. Our products are with complete types, which are suitable for street lamp, tunnel lamp, fluorescent lamp, spotlight, wall washer light, LED panel display screen and other illumination engineering. The switching power supply we produce is with features of high efficient, high power factor and high reliability. All of our products meet the safety certificates, such as CE, UL and RoHS, and the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility. We not only develop many types of universal products with good quality, but also OEM them with high quality and inexpensive for our clients, for whom to win more profits. By persisting in the business principle of "based on quality, led by technique, centered with customers", our company provides products with reliable quality and advanced technology for customers, with high-efficient and excellent services. Looking ahead, Chico is ready to cooperate and exchange with all circles, young and old customers and international and domestic friends of this industry in various directions, to create a better future and resplendence on information industry hand in hand.

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Возможности компании

Товарооборот Местный рынок : 37.00% Южная Америка : 12.00% Больше товаров
Производство Размер завода : 3,000-5,000 кв. метров Производственных линий : 5 Больше товаров
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