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Тип деятельности: Торговая компания
Продукт/Услуга: Стеклянная бутылка (винные бутылки, ароматические бутылки, бутылка для воды, стеклянные вазы, бутылки с эфирным маслом, банка для хранения)
Местонахождение: Jiangsu, China
Год создания: 2014
Год начала экспорта: 2014
Кол-во сотрудников: 5 - 10 чел.
Итого выручка (за прошлый год): confidential
Основные рынки: Северная Америка,Южная Америка,Юго-Восточная Азия,Океания,Центральная Америка
Сертификаты: third-party verification service provider
Сертификаты продуктов: SGS
Среднее время выполнения заказа: 20 дней
Профиль компании

QLT GLASS is a manufacturer engaged in glass research and development, the scale of production, global sales of the most professional factory.This Company covers an area of 100 areas. It has strong technical force, advanced equipments from Germany and Italy, meanwhile the plant is properly arranged with a beautiful environment. We have 12 series of glass articles in hundreds of types, such as glass wine bottles, champagne bottles, beverage and liquor bottles, food packing bottles made of flint, extra flint, and super flint.. We also offer other service for glass bottles such as decal, frost, screen printing, spraying, film and so on. Besides ,we have a complete set of facilities including mould ,cap and carton factory with the strength of the mould production workshop, in the shortest possible time for the customization of high-quality, high-standard and favorite-price mould. We produced the glass with excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, elegant appearance, and moderate prices at home and abroad customers, products are exported to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. With a great number of experienced and skilled technicians and managerial staff, this company boasts its specialized, intelligent and young labor force. The enterprising company spirit is: "Innovation, Exploration, Competition, Struggling and Pioneering"; the quality guideline is: "No Best, But Better, Customer Satisfaction and Keeping Improvement" as a preserving pursuit. The objective of all working staff of our factory is to develop into a big-sized modern enterprise with fine management and advanced technological equipments!

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